tomboyish love for daughter is the second album under the goreshit name and the first to only feature Leon. It is a lolicore centric album, with almost all tracks featuring samples of high pitched girlish sounding voices. exceptions include scrambled eggz0rh@x and winkles twinkle with the first including samples of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, only including samples of Scratch, Grounder, and Dr. Robotnik, and the second consisting of a loop that includes a bass that gets progressively more distorted every time it repeats.

Tracklist Edit







1 いま、会いにゆきます 02:26
2 5th grade 02:06
3 lolil0_0pz 03:19
4 crabs 03:12
5 strawberry cheesecake 02:24
6 netsaosa 01:26
7 根!お兄ちゃん! 01:31
8 scrambled eggz0rh​@​x 02:21
9 winkles twinkle 01:32
10 puffyuffypuffpuff 03:02